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Charles Green Memorial Community Lecture Series            

Topic: “Friends of Rousseau”

The writings of the 18th century philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau had a tremendous impact on family life and education, politics and government, science and religion, psychology and social structure in the two-and-a-half centuries since.  In our own country, Rousseau influenced the American Revolution and the founding documents, our school system and family relationships, and continues to influence our day to day lives. 

Rousseau saw his tasks as being to move people from caring only about themselves to doing what is good for all people, to persuade us that there is a possible social order that is helpful and fair, and to show people how to reach the “basic sweetness of existence.”  Two recent biographers have written that: “Rousseau’s writings have much to teach us about how we view our own society and can engage in constructive critique of it,” and “Many people who have barely heard of him are indeed friends of Rousseau, because his ideas have had a pervasive influence in our culture.  People he has influenced don't even realize it.”

In addition to The Social Contract that established his ideas of the general will and liberty, Rousseau wrote the educational treatise Emile, the first romance novel Julia: The New Heloise, the first warts-and-all autobiography The Confessions, the economics guide Discourse on Inequality, the environmental musings of The Reveries of a Solitary Walker, and the critique of science Discourse on the Sciences and Arts, among others.

Anybody who is interested in learning how we are “friends of Rousseau” is invited to the Malibu United Methodist Church on Morning View Drive at 7:00 pm on Tuesday, July 23.  After a year-long hiatus, the church is reviving the Charles Green Memorial Community Lecture Series.  There is no admission fee and snacks will be served.  The presenter is Dr. Green’s son-in-law Larry Jones.

A Malibu resident from 1951 until 1977, Jones moved back to Malibu in 2012 with his wife of 38 years, Marilyn Green. Larry Jones taught history at Malibu Park Jr. High in the 1980s and then at Moorpark High School for 25 years.  Inducted into the Ventura County Educators’ Hall of Fame in 2010, Jones coached the Moorpark High Academic Decathlon Team to four U.S. National Championships and thirteen Ventura County Championships.  He was also the Director of the federal Teaching American History project through which he taught content and skills to 170 history teachers for five years until his retirement.

Jones is looking forward to his July 23 presentation to show why Immanuel Kant said that “Jean-Jacques Rousseau was the Isaac Newton of the moral universe.”



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